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Servicing the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and Surrounds

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Hinterland Solar Cleaning is fully insured and has 30+ years of experience in professional

cleaning and engineering which we have used to create our state of the art equipment.

We work with both Domestic and Commercial clients.

If you've had solar panels for years you might have noticed their efficiency drop, you probably just thought they are getting old and it's expected. However we have great news for you, a simple clean will get your panels back to brand new in no time!

Solar panel cleaning

What do we do?

We clean your panels, nice and simple. Many people try using high-pressure wash however the solar panel manufactures do not recommend this, it can lead to damage.

We use our own engineered equipment, which uses no chemicals and follows manufactures recommendations.

Why do I need to clean my panels?

If the glass panels aren't shiny you aren't' getting 100% usage.

Many people aren't actually aware but if dirty panels may cause your

panels to have its efficiency reduced by up to 30% according to scientific studies. Even though it rains, some residue from dust and dirt remain behind creating a think enough layer to affect your panels. Plus its not like you check your panels often because who wants to climb up. If you would like to get the most out of your panels they need to be clean, sadly there is no way around it.

Why Hinterland Solar Cleaning?

 Our cleaning device that we use, cleans extremely deep and keeps your panels safe from scratches and damage. We are also chemical free, which is perfect for people who have tank water. Our special engineered device is one of the only devices like this on the market for domestic or commercial use.

When do they need a  clean?

If your panels have lost their shine call us up ASAP!! Get your energy out put back to 100%!

If you've never had a clean before and you've had your panels for

6 months + you'll likely notice a massive difference in numbers you'll be surprised!

We also solar hot water systems so ask us today!

Before + After
About Us

Our Guarantee

In a study done by the World Renewable Energy Congress in 2011 in Sweeden,  they clearly found a strong connection between energy loss and dust/dirt particles. Over time the accumulation is even worse. and can reach up to 35% of energy loss. Many companies may sell you no maintenance solar panels, that need no cleaning. However this is just a sales tactic, and technically the panels will still 'work'.  Get the most of your pannels today.


If you're still undecided we guarantee you the best service in the Sunshine Coast hinterlands simple. Some other companies use basic, inefficient, outdated technology however our equipment is professionally engineered and uses similar technology to big commercial companies that don't work with domestic clients.

Our goal is to make sure your panels are working to their fullest capacity!

We also do before and after photos on each job so you will be able to see the massive difference without having to climb up.

Our prices are extremely competitive the more panels you have the bigger the discount! Ask us about our referral program to save you on your next clean.

Fully Insured means no risk to you and no worries!

Save money  + get better output + referral program to save you even more!

Cleaning can be done while your out with before + after photos sent!

Easy booking just Call or Text! Professional service made easy.



  Domestic and Commercial

Solar Cleaning

Solar Hot water system cleaning



Colour Bond Roof ( Soft Wash)


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